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Hollard Moçambique Companhia de Seguros

Hollard Moçambique Companhia de Seguros was formed in 2001 as a subsidiary of Hollard Insurance Company Ltd of South Africa. We pride ourselves in providing smart solutions and expert cover for both individual and business customers, focussing primarily on the areas of business insurance, health insurance and travel insurance. Our efficient and independent decision making results in us being able to provide insurance options that best suit you and your needs.

We strive to provide excellent insurance products, efficient customer service and we continuously aim to streamline all claims processes. To find out more about how Hollard can help you, please contact us or your nearest broker.

Business Insurance

Hollard Mozambique is proud to bring innovative business insurance products to the market through a sound understanding of Mozambican law. With comprehensive employee cover, we make sure that your business, its employees and families are protected, guaranteeing continued productivity and peace of mind for everyone.

Mozambican law states that all businesses and organisations require compensation in case of any work-related accidents occurring. Hollard Business Insurance provides specific solutions and benefits for you and your employees; including life insurance and funeral insurance.

Group Health Insurance

Hollard’s Group Health Insurance also falls under Business Insurance, creating further peace of mind for business owners and their employees. A number of benefits can accompany the health insurance offered by Hollard such as the Emergency Evacuation Benefit and the Medical Expense Benefit.

Travel Insurance

Hollard’s Travel Insurance offers members the opportunity to bring you comfort when travelling abroad. A number of benefits can be added to the Travel Insurance cover according to each individual’s needs.

Hollard Mozambique also offers life insurance and various general insurance products, including comprehensive car insurance, and Third Party Car Insurance, a compulsory policy requirement for all vehicle owners. We deal with the top 10 firms in Mozambique and other credible emerging brokerages and have full service branches in Maputo, Beira, Nampula and Tete.