Travel Insurance

Get protection for you and your family whilst travelling abroad.

Hollard Mozambique brings you travel insurance for when you are away, travelling abroad, giving you access to global service providers and the convenience and speed of a 24-hour medical helpline.

Travel Insurance benefits include:

  • Medical expenses – our travel insurance provides for the immediate treatment of an unexpected medical emergency, including dental work. Charges for medical transportation are incorporated and you’re covered for all additional travel costs
  • Personal liability – in the event of you becoming legally liable for the bodily harm or death of a person, or for the accidental loss or damage to property, we will reimburse on all accounts
  • Personal accident – on your death or permanent disability following an unexpected accident, we reimburse a pre-selected amount to your family
  • Luggage benefit – when travelling, if your personal baggage is damaged, stolen, destroyed or lost, our travel insurance provides secure coverage. This includes the loss of a passport or money, either on your person or kept in a safety deposit box. (Note: the incident must be reported at the time of occurrence)

Special exclusions and conditions apply.