Comprehensive Car Insurance

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As our economy grows and more cars take to the roads, the greater the risk of accidents. And the costs – financial and otherwise – can be high. Not only does it make sense to ensure you’re effectively covered against theft, accident and damage but Mozambique law makes third-party liability insurance a requirement. So Hollard Mozambique offers a range of options to suit your circumstances, pocket, and driving pattern.

What Comprehensive Car Insurance covers

This full-cover insurance gives you maximum protection against any incident your vehicle may be involved in, as well as liability for any third-party vehicles. It includes:

  • Damage incurred in an accident, fire or natural disaster
  • Theft
  • Criminal damage
  • Damage to third-party vehicles
  • Death or injury to another person

There is also the option for the cover to extend to your vehicle’s windows and accessories.

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Third-Party Motor Insurance

It's law in Mozambique for motorists to carry Third Party Liability insurance, from the time they take ownership of a vehicle, till the time they dispose of it. And this applies regardless of the value or condition of the vehicle, or the amount of time it spends on the road.  

To meet this legal requirement, without incurring any extra costs, we offer limited cover that exclusively protects you against liability if your vehicle is involved in a road incident and there is damage to another vehicle, or if any other person is injured or loses their life. If you are found to be directly responsible, we will cover the costs of damages, legal fees and other related expenses. 

Third-Party Fire and Theft Motor Insurance 

This insurance cover gives vehicle owners more peace of mind by extending standard Third Party Motor Insurance to include added protection against loss or damage if your own vehicle is:

  • Stolen (or damaged in an attempted theft)
  • Involved in either a fire or an explosion