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Hollard Mozambique possesses a diverse set of skills necessary to navigate the complexities of financial markets and the industry of supplementary pension funds and insurance.

With a shared commitment to continuous learning and professional development, we remain at the forefront of industry trends and best practices, positioning ourselves to effectively navigate challenges and seize opportunities to better serve our members and clients.

Investment strategy

We adopt a strategic and disciplined approach to investing, focused on generating consistent and sustainable returns for our Members and Associates in the Pension Fund.

Our investment philosophy is based on rigorous analysis and a deep understanding of financial markets, combined with prudent risk management.

Our investment strategy is guided by three fundamental principles:

  • Diversification
  • Prudence
  • Long-term perspective

We seek to diversify our clients' investment portfolios to mitigate risks and capture opportunities across different asset classes.

We prioritize prudence in investment selection, recognizing that creating sustainable value requires patience and discipline over time.

Products and services

As a multidisciplinary Employee Benefits company, Hollard Life Pension Fund Management Company offers the following Services and Products:


  • Pension fund administration
  • Asset management
  • Investment consulting
  • Member portal

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