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Agriculture is a critical economic sector in Mozambique employing more than 70% of the active population. Agricultural production is exposed to numerous types of fundamental risks including droughts, flooding, pests, diseases and volatility of commodity prices. Mozambique is classified as the third most highly exposed country in Africa to climate-related disasters. Insurance is one of the key elements of integrated risk management programmes that are required to mitigate the impact of these risks.

Client segmentation of Hollard Agri

We are interested in developing and providing appropriate insurance solutions to cover the identified needs of the following segments in the agricultural sector:

Corporate/commercial Agri-Business

This segment is already largely covered by traditional insurance intermediation and insurance products. Entities in this segment such as input providers and commodity buyers have the potential to serve as aggregators enabling access to their clients in primary production.

Agro SME’s

These are small and medium-sized enterprises and cooperatives involved in the production, processing, transportation, distribution of inputs, service providers and marketing of agricultural commodities, livestock, timber and charcoal.

Commercial farmers

In Mozambique, there is a growing number of large-scale commercial farmers. Our offering for this group includes insurance for crops, trees and animals in the field.

Peri-urban farmers & emerging rural farmers

We have observed a trend of emerging local commercial farmers with improved access to agri-finance, technical assistance and resources. We are keen to distribute suitable products to address the needs of this group where there is a very low insurance penetration. We shall also aim to integrate insurance into existing financial services to which they have access.

Small-scale rural family growers

These communities are highly dependent on rainfall for their production. Most do not have access to better technology to improve their yields such as certified seeds, fertilizer and appropriate pesticides. In order to address the major protection gap in this segment, one of the best options we are exploring is Index-Based contracts combined with Remote Sensing, GIS/GPS and mobile technology.

Hollard Mozambique’s innovative and comprehensive insurance solutions include:



For the distribution of the above agriculture insurance products, we rely on a combination of traditional distribution channels as well as an exploration of alternative models. Our key channels can be listed as follows:

  • Insurance Intermediaries
  • Commercial Banks
  • MFIs/ Cooperative & Associations
  • Agric Suppliers
  • Agric Buying Companies
  • Agro-Dealers


In our exploration of new segments involving clients without access to traditional financial services, we require technology to allow us to have cost-effective access to the target customer base. For this purpose, we rely on the following forms of enabling technology:

  • Satellite Remote Sensing
  • GPS
  • GIS
  • Mobile Technology
  • Digital Platform

Alignment with key national development policies

  • Government authorities at national, provincial and district levels
  • National and international development agencies and consultants
  • Financial institutions and respective regulatory bodies
  • Agriculture research and development bodies

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