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  • Money Insurance
  • Money Insurance

    Cover for controlling and commuting large cash sums

    Managing large sums of money and transporting it inside and outside of business premises, is a risk for organisations of all sizes. Hollard Mozambique’s Money Insurance provides your business with comprehensive protection against theft by a third party.   

    For the purposes of this policy, we define cash as: 

    • Bank notes  
    • Currency notes
    • Cheques
    • Postal orders
    • Money orders
    • Credit card vouchers  
    • Valued document

    What does Money Insurance provide cover for?

    • Relief of a money storage receptacle, resulting from theft or attempted theft.  (limits apply) 
    • Replacement of locks and keys, if it is believed that an unauthorised person has obtained a copy of the key/s in question. (limits apply)
    • Injury to an employee as the consequence of a theft or attempted theft.

    * Terms and conditions apply.

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