Commercial Insurance.

Protecting your business and its assets.

  • Assets All Risk Insurance
  • Motor Fleets
  • Liability Insurance
  • General & Tenant Liability
  • General Tenants Liability Insurance

    This covers any financial losses your business may become liable for if a third party is physically injured or if property is damaged, at your workplace or at a customer’s premises where your employees are working. 

    NB. This does not include incidents that may occur at the time of delivery to a customer or during the provision of professional services. However, these eventualities can be covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance and can be included on request. 
    Business Liability Insurance excludes penalties imposed by law and any civil or criminal fines but it includes defence for any costs incurred before a claim is finally resolved and any settlements connected to it. 

    Employer’s Liability Insurance

    This covers you and your business if a legal liability occurs that results in compensation for the death, injury or illness of an employee. Professional Indemnity Insurance  This provides cover against liability for damage or expenses in the event of a breach of professional duty. (This is defined as advice given, services performed and duties undertaken, in your professional capacity, on behalf of your business.) Directors and Officers Liability Cover This cover protects the Directors and senior office bearers in your business against any accusations and claims of committing wrongful acts in the execution of their professional duties.