Insuring You.

If you love it, we’ll insure it

When it comes to what’s important in life, taking care of your family and those you love - and making sure they are well provided for – is at the top of the list.  And ensuring the assets you’ve worked hard to accumulate are protected against risk comes a close second.  At Hollard Mozambique, we know that personal insurance is all about looking after the stuff you love and making sure you’re covered, whatever life has in store for you.  So whether you’re looking to insure your life, your car or your home, we’ve got all the risk protection solutions you need.   


Funeral Insurance

Protect your family against circumstances beyond your control.

Car Insurance

Get comprehensive cover for your vehicle and against third party claims. 

Home Insurance

Your home is your castle. Let us protect your home - so life equals enjoyment, not worry.

Paga Leve

Designed to protect your privately owned buildings and domestic outbuildings.

We also offer the following products.

 Protect the contents of your home against loss, theft or damage.

This covers any incident whereby you may become liable for compensation of a third party. 

Get coverage against the loss or damage of your home contents.

Get compulsory third-part liability insurance for your vehicle when traveling in Mozambique.