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Broadform Liability cover provides specialised protection against any awards made to a third party in the event your business is found liable for death, loss, damage or injury as a result of negligence or your wrongdoing. Broadform Liability differs from Commercial General Liability in that it is not strictly negligence-based but covers damages and losses (injury or property damage) caused by the insured.

The Broadform cover combined several policies in one including the following:

  • General Liability
  • Tenants Liability
  • Property Owners Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Defective Workmanship Liability
  • Product Inefficacy
  • Employers Liability
  • Professional Indemnity

This cover is normally requested by multinational companies that require that all subcontractors have this cover in one form or another.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This provides cover against liability for financial loss or expenses in the event of errors of omissions or breach of professional duty. (This is defined as advice given, services performed and duties undertaken, in your professional capacity, on behalf of your business.). It will be noted that claims for financial loss are covered under Professional Indemnity and if there is physical/property damage or personal injury it is covered under Public Liability.

Medical Malpractice Liability

This policy provides cover for financial loss arising from errors or omissions or breaches of professional duty or malpractice by medical practitioners or healthcare providers that cause injury or death to patients. The cover includes defence costs and also awards against the medical practitioners for the malpractice.

Environmental Liability or Pollution Liability

Our Environmental Liability policy covers legal liability arising from both sudden and accidental pollution and gradual pollution. The cover includes Combined Static and Goods in Transit coverage, especially for fuel stations and tankers. It also covers pipelines and storage tanks. Spillage and leaks are all covered. The cover is normally offered as an extension to the Broadform or Commercial General Liability cover.

Directors and Officers Liability Cover

This cover protects the Directors and senior office bearers in your business against any accusations and claims of committing wrongful acts in the execution of their professional duties.

Cyber Insurance

But while technological and data-processing advances bring opportunities for dynamic growth, efficiency and increased client engagement, and can function as a core business differentiator, our adoption of digital has left us more vulnerable than ever to cyber and data risks. Typical cyber risks include:

  • Costs incurred to respond to a data breach
  • System unavailability and downtime
  • Reputational damage
  • Loss of revenue, data and/or competitive advantage
  • Loss of investor and/or client confidence
  • Litigation arising from compromised systems or data
  • Industry and regulatory fines and penalties

Our cyber insurance solution provides cover for the following costs associated with responding to network security or privacy breaches which include Data recovery and business interruption, Crisis management and notification expenses and Cyber Liability.

Kidnap & Ransom

This cover protects the business by responding to incidents of kidnap, extortion, illegal detention and specific threats to do harm to our clients, employees and their business operations. Our specialised products aim to secure the safe release of hostages and the removal of any threats in such a way that does not detract from our clients’ reputation, operations, strategies and plans. We operate worldwide providing an immediate response with linguistic support. Our team of specialists is supported by forensic psychologists, behavioural profilers, forensic linguists, workplace violence experts and post-traumatic stress counsellors.


Drones are fast becoming part of our business operating environment and that comes with risks. Our policy offers cover for Physical loss or damage to RPAS (airframe, payload, launch station and/or GCS) in operating or routine testing environment and for liability to third parties for third-party direct loss/damage consequential of RPAS failure. The policy does not cover third parties' consequential losses (e.g. Business Interruption). The policy can also be extended to cover Physical loss or damage to RPAS Spares, War (for the Hull and Liability), and Cyber risks.

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