Home Building Insurance

Get comprehensive cover for your home and its adjoining buildings.

Our fully-comprehensive Building Insurance covers your home and all adjoining buildings and dwellings on the property against the spectrum of damaging and destructive events. This includes fire, flood and other unforseeable misfortunes.
Outbuildings such as domestic quarters and swimming pool outhouses are automatically included and you can tailor your policy to include additional features such as aerials and satellite receivers, swimming pools, gardens, indoor gates and exterior walls. 

Our Building Insurance also covers:

  • Purposefully harmful acts such as damage caused during a robbery 
  • Loss or damage to property, caused by animals or vehicles
  • Accidental damage to utilities (such as water sources, sewerage, gas, electricity and telecommunication connections)
  • Full compensation for leakage and water damage
  • Reimbursement of rental payments, should the building become unfit for residence 
  • Demolition and clearing, and associated professional fees that may be incurred in rebuilding a damaged building

* Special exclusions and conditions apply.

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