Third-Party for Foreign Vehicles

Get Third Party Motor Car Insurance when travelling in Mozambique

Third Party Liability Insurance is compulsory for all road users in Mozambique and before any foreign vehicle is permitted to cross the border into the country, it must be issued with a valid Third Party Insurance Certificate. This is to ensure that compensation will be provided if your vehicle is involved in a road accident and causes damage to another vehicle or injury or death to another person.

Hollard Mozambique offers Third Party Insurance for Foreign Vehicles to cover the costs of damages, legal fees and other related expenses if you are involved in an incident and found to be directly responsible.

Cover lasts for 30 days (from the day your vehicle enters Mozambique) and liability is up to R1 million.

The cost of the cover is the same, wherever you buy it, and you have the option to purchase it at the border post on the day of travel or at several authorised outlets en route (see list).

What does it Cost

Type of Vehicle Premium in Rands
Commercial vehicle R700.00
Motorcycle R140.00
Motor vehicles (Sedan/SUV/LDV) R280.00
Caravans/trailers for private vehicles R140.00
Trailers for heavy commercial vehicles R350.00


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Need more info?

Download the latest policy wording document for our Third Party for Foreign Vehicle Insurance.

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