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About Travel Insurance

There’s so much to love about travelling and getting out of your comfort zone… but it’s more enjoyable when you’ve put plans in place to cover the unexpected.

Hollard Mozambique’s Travel Insurance gives you peace of mind that, if your luggage or travel documents go missing, if you experience a medical emergency while you’re away, or if you’re unfortunate enough to get involved in an incident that involves death, damage or injury of a third party, the costs are taken care of.

Wherever you are, our Travel Insurance gives you fast and convenient access to the support you need and direct links to a 24-hour medical helpline.

Travel Insurance benefits include:

  • Immediate treatment, and payment, for unexpected medical emergencies (including dentistry). Includes any medical transportation costs and other related travel expenses.
  • Payment of associated costs if you are found to be legally liable for the death or bodily harm of a person, or for accidental loss or damage to property
  • Lump sum payment to your nominated beneficiaries if you die, or become permanently disabled, following an accident
  • Compensation if your luggage is damaged, stolen, destroyed or lost, as long as you report it to us at the time it occurs. This includes the loss or theft of your travel documents or money, whether they are in a safety deposit box for safekeeping or on your person.

*Special exclusions and conditions apply.

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