Paga Leve.

Insurance at your fingertips.

For motorists who only have a vehicle on the road from time to time, or who prefer not to be locked into regular, monthly premium payments, Hollard Mozambique has developed Paga Leve – a unique “pay-as-you-go” solution that allows road users to buy Third Party Liability insurance, as and when they need it, at their nearest ATM, mobile or via online banking. 

Starting at an affordable 70M, Paga Leve is available for 7, 14, 30 or 60-day options, which means clients overcome the issue of paying needlessly during times they aren’t using our roads. And, buying it is couldn’t be simpler or more convenient:

1.    Register by visiting or sending an SMS 
              “Seguros” to 90610 

2.    Pay online via internet banking, mobile banking, Mobile 24, M-PESA, Top-up 
              or at your ATM

3.    Receive an SMS to confirm your cover, plus a link to 
             download your insurance certificate, and if you’re asked to produce proof 
             that you’re covered for Third Party Liability, you’ve got it - right there on your